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My Secret Email Sauce That Will

Deliver All Of Your Emails Into Primary INBOX Folder instead of Promotions Folder.

You Can Apply It With One Simple Drag & Drop. Want To Know More? Read Further...

If you are doing email marketing

Then You Absolutely NEED to See This

Have you ever wondered how much money you are losing because your email lands in your customers Promotions tab instead of Inbox tab?

Yes, I know the Promo tab still isn't a Spam folder. That’s right.

So it probably isn’t that bad, right?


The statistics show that only about 19% of people actually look inside their Promotions tab and read those emails. Which means that if you have an email list of 100.000 customers and your email lands inside the Promotions tab… 81.000 people won’t even notice that you have sent them an email.

And your amazing promotional offer gets below average response just because nobody actually noticed it.

It’s really annoying, you did everything right, you didn’t use too much marketing language, but still your email ends up into the Promotion tab. You can spend hours and hours tweaking the mail and test sending it to your email inbox to see where it lands, to make it finally appear in your Inbox tab. But when you send out the campaign your open rate still sucks because 80% of your email lands into the Promotion tab...

What if I told you that the Secret Email Sauce will solve all of your problems and will get your message delivered into the Inbox folder for 99% of your subscribers, even if you use marketing language?

You have probably been on an email list where you received all of their emails right into your primary Inbox folder, even if the email contained marketing promotion. And you probably wondered how they do it?

Of course they won’t tell you because they like to be in the primary Inbox with as little competition as possible.

But I can tell you that your emails can be in the primary Inbox folder as well. Sound interesting? Read further...

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What If There Was a Secret Email Sauce?

What if there was a Secret Email Sauce that you could apply to your email, which will make sure that your email lands inside your customers Primary Inbox tab instead of Promo tab… would you apply it to all of your emails before you send them out?

What if I told you this Secret email sauce actually exists and once it’s set up it only takes a second to apply.

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It’s not an actual sauce, it’s more of a code that is added to the email. But that code is a missing ingredient of your email. An ingredient that makes your email taste good for Google, Outlook, Yahoo and all other email providers.

We are not talking about any prohibited black head secret tactic here. This part of code is 100% legal and actually a desired ingredient of your email.

How much more $$$ could your business make if all of your emails would land directly into the Inbox folder?

Let’s take a look at one real example from one of my customer's business before they applied the Secret Email Sauce to their email list.

They had an email list with 25.000 subscribers. Their average email open rate was around 11%. Which meant that on average only 3.000 people out of 25.000 subscribers clicked on their email.

Once they added our Secret Email Sauce their email open rate jumped to around 23% which is a 110% increase. Now 5.750 clicked on each email on average and this has also increased their email sales. But not only that. Because they were now appearing in the Primary Inbox folder instead of the Promo tab, people that didn’t even noticed their email before, started reading their emails once again.

And this simple trick more than doubled their email sales...

But we don't stop there.
Take a look at more client results...

Increased open rate from 37% to 63% with applied Secret Email Sauce code.

That's 67% increase in open rate. Which means 67% more people saw & opened the email.

Another example...

Removing emails from Spam folder with applied Secret Email Sauce code.

We decreased spam rate to 0 in Gmail, where 83% of the people read emails...

One more before / after

Just because it’s awesome. No other words needed.

Can I add the Secret Email Sauce to my emails?

The thing is, this Secret Sauce can not be just handed over to you, because it needs to be customized. Each sauce is mixed individually to work with your company, your domain and your email provider.

But the good thing is, we have the exact recipe, so we can mix Secret Email Sauce for you!

Once the Secret Sauce is mixed up, you can add it into your email template and you will be able to apply it with just one click.

You don’t have to worry about the expiration date, because once the Secret Sauce is mixed up for you, it will always taste good for Google, Outlook, Yahoo and all other email providers.

How to make it happen:

How much does it cost?

Of course, like any other good sauce, Secret Email Sauce isn’t free. If you are already monetizing your email list, then applying our Secret Email Sauce to your emails should bring you a healthy ROI and quickly pay for itself. So it’s well worth the investment in our opinion.

What’s the point of writing great emails if your email subscribers don’t even notice those emails, because they land inside the Promo tab? Add the Secret Email Sauce and make your appearance in the Primary Inbox folder. Your Secret Email Sauce could be a nice advantage over your competition. Secret Sauce will make your emails as the main dish served to your subscribers.

What does the Secret Email Sauce service include?

We offer a complete Done For You service which consist of:
- Mixing your custom tailored Secret Email Sauce code
- Double checking your DNS configuration (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) + fixing it (if needed)
- Double checking your E-mail autoresponder configuration
- Implementation report with measurable results before / after
- Video instructions on how to apply your Secret Email Sauce
- 30min video call for 1 on 1 support (if needed)

You will be able to deliver your Emails directly into Primary Inbox Folder and gain massive advantage over your competition.

Can you imagine how much $$$ more could you email marketing bring if your emails would go to Inbox folder instead of Promo folder and everybody would read them?


You have nothing to worry about. We offer 100% money back guarantee!

14-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are really confident that our Secret Email Sauce code works as described and showcased in the video. Therefore we offer 14-day 100% money back guarantee! If we can't make our Secret Email Sauce code work for you we will give you a 100% refund and you will get DNS settings and Email autoresponder check for FREE. But we are confident that the code will work just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Let me answer some of the questions people asked us before:


How long will it take you to mix Secret Email Sauce code for me?


Approximately 7 days from the point where we get all necessary data from you. This is an estimate which can be extended a little bit if we have a bunch of customers we need to take care of before you. But you can always get in touch with us on our email and ask us about the waiting times. We respond to all emails and we always do our best to stick to agreed deadlines


What kind of information do you need from me?


We need to tailor your Secret Email Sauce code for your company, therefore we will need some of your basic company and domain information. We will also need to access your domain configuration and your email autoresponder in order to perform all work. Therefore we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you which will assure you 100% safety and transparency from our side. The agreement goes both ways, because you will also have to sign a NDA agreement with us, because we don't want you to expose our Secret Email Sauce to any third party.


Can Secret Email Sauce move my emails from Promotions to Inbox Folder?


Yes, this is its primary objective. Our Secret Email Sauce is designed for all of your emails that land into the Promotions tab. If your email gets into the Promo tab, it means that your cooking recipe is alright and your dish (email) is actually being served on the dinner table. The only problem is that your dish doesn't taste good enough to be a main dish, so Google, Outlook, Yahoo and other email providers like to push it at the back of the dinner table (in the Promo tab). But if you spice up your emails with our Secret Sauce you are adding the missing ingredient that Google, Outlook, Yahoo and all others like to see in the dish (email) and therefore make it appear as a main dish at the dinner table (in the Primary Inbox folder).


Can Secret Email Sauce get my emails out of Spam folder?


Yes, we will also help you to get your emails out of the Spam folder. But in most cases just applying the Secret Email Sauce won't do much. The Secret Email Sauce is designed spice up your emails and move them from Promotional tab into Inbox folder. If your emails go into Spam folder then your dishes (emails) don't even make it to the dinner table. That's because they don't even remotely taste good (your base email configuration is not setup correctly). But don't worry, we've got you covered. This is why our done for you service covers all aspects of email deliverability starting with the base DNS configuration.


Will it work for my company?


We haven’t found a company that it doesn’t work for. We have applied our Secret Email Sauce with many different customers who are using different email auto-responders or even send their emails directly from their website. It works in all cases.


Contribute to good cause

We care about lions!

This is why 5% of our profits goes to Born Free Foundation.

By purchasing the Secret Email Sauce, you help wild and captive lions by providing safe and appropriate homes, promoting co-existence, increasing education, and supporting our efforts to ban trophies and other forms of exploitation.

Thank you for helping us! We can't make money by ourselves.


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This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.

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